The following testimonial is long but worth reading !

Marie is a moderately anxious patient. Fearful of needles. We dentists see these people daily.

We discussed Relative Analgesia ( Inhalational Sedation / Happy air ) at a free, after-hours (chaperoned) consultation, to discuss her dental fears and offer the alternatives for her.

Her immediate reaction to the mention of "happy air" was - "Oh No!"I asked what she was saying no to." I don't know but I don't want it"I said " What is it that you don't want" ........and so on for a few moments.I then said. "You know this happy air is nothing like the old-fashioned gas that puts you to sleep and makes you feel horrid. In fact you would be quite awake but relaxed. Do you think you would like that ? "Well the rest as they say , is history. We arranged a short, no treatment, trial run for her and at a further session began her treatment plan.
Afterwards she was so grateful and surprised ( and told me so) that I asked if she would write a few words to explain to others what she had experienced ( I knew this blog was in the offing !) Here is what she wrote.

21st November 2003

To anyone who dreads the dentist as much as I do…..I am a 32yr old Insulin Dependant Diabetic who is petrified of Dentists, not just scared, I’m the sort of person who would do or go through anything else so long as I don’t have to go near a dentist. From an early age I have always hated them, would do anything to get out of going near one, unless I was in agony.At the age of 18 I had three days and nights of pacing the floor, swirling my mouth with whiskey and eating pain killers like sweeties, anything I could get my hands on to kill the pain.

The result… I stuffed a towel in my mouth and kept forcing the tooth until it gave way, yes I pulled my own tooth, only it was the wrong tooth! Needless to say I had to give in and visit my dentist. It wasn’t a memorable visit! Since then I have had numerous problems and have done my best to get around them any way I can, so long as I don’t have to get in that chair.

In December 2002 my teeth started playing up again, after 6 weeks of eating pain killers, again like sweeties I had to admit to myself I needed help, So in January 2003 I started looking for a dentist, I was getting married in June and didn’t want everything spoilt because I was in pain, but I had told myself there was no way I was going to let a dentist near me unless he knocks me out..I found a dentist purely by chance, flicking through the yellow pages, it advertised they could help people with severe phobia’s, with different type of treatment. I though this is my man he can knock me out and I won’t know a thing about it!

We’ll call him Mr. Richard Charon!! I emailed them first to see if there were going to be able to help me, advised them straight away that I was a diabetic, but this didn’t put them off, Richard and his wife/partner Chris told me not to loose hope there are many things that can be done and why not come in for a chat to see how you feel

The minute I walked in the door I was greeted by Chris, she was lovely, so kind and reassuring, she knew it had taken a lot for me to even walk up the steps and through the front door.Then Richard appeared and I braced myself, as I knew he’d want me to sit in that bloody chair!

But no, he sat down in reception with me and we just chatted about everything and anything and gradually moved onto my medical history, because I have a disintegrating jaw bone I explained to Richard that I had already lost a number of teeth including my top front ones and in place is a plate. I am very insecure of this because I was only 23yrs when told I would loose my front teeth and then lost them at 27yrs, as there was nothing more to be done.

However…The downside of being a diabetic… It’s not safe to be sedated as your blood sugar levels could change dramatically, causing even further problems.Richard said we could look at the Laughing Gas as I call it, he said we could try it out first just to see how I felt, he wouldn’t do any treatment but just wanted me to see how relaxed I could feel.

I decided to book my next appointment for the following week, I knew if I left it any longer I would back out.The day of my treatment dawned and I was petrified, I wasn’t in pain anymore as the infection had been cleared by antibiotics so I thought what the hell, cancel, you don’t need any treatment, your fine, you never have to see them again there’s plenty of dentist’s around. But I sat myself down and thought long and hard about it, these were nice people, a nice dentist you don’t find many who are willing to help you all the way, I was running late so I called and spoke to Chris and explained how nervous I was, she told me not too worry, she would be here when I arrived and would help me all the way.

I walked into reception and Chris instantly knew I wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible, she sat me down and promised me I would be ok, she said the gas & air really does work you won’t feel a thing. She said I’m not lying I’ve had it done myself. Richard came into reception to check I was ok and then brought me into the treatment room, there was no turning back now I was in the dreaded chair!

The little breathing piece was put over my nose and Richard explained how he wanted me to breathe so that he could ensue the equipment was working correctly and that I was receiving what I needed. I felt ok because Richard talked me through everything he did, he explained exactly what would be happening, how I would start to feel. He said you will start to feel nice and warm, like your snug in your bed, your toes may tingle a little bit, which is quite normal.
I kept on breathing the gas and air and felt, well quite frankly wonderful, Richard could have shoved 10 more needles in my mouth and I couldn’t have cared less, I was so relaxed just lying there.My treatment completed Richard said its all over Marie, just lie there and relax, your not receiving any more of the magic mixture just some oxygen to clear your head.Within a minute or two I was sitting up in That Chair, which was now like my best friend!

After a few minutes Richard was right I did feel warm, felt a little floaty aswell not drunk just dreamy but it was a nice feeling, before I knew it the injections had already been done and I had gone through them without screaming, bursting into tears or having a panic attack.

Richard was wonderful, I was very emotional and on the verge of bursting into tears, but he reassured me everything would be ok, we would look at every option possible to find what suited me best. Richard them managed to examine all of my remaining teeth without too much protesting from me.

I felt fantastic, yes my mouth was numb on one side, but hey I had just had a tooth removed.

Do I still have a fear of Dentists, well probably yes, somewhere deep inside me, it won’t disappear overnight, and no doubt there will still be a few nerves there the next time I have treatment but whilst I know Richard can help me I will happily attend any check up or treatment session needed. So long as my happy gas is their if I need it.

I couldn’t believe it, I told Richard it was amazing stuff and I felt amazing. I walked out to Chris on reception and could have hugged her, she never lied to me, she promised it would be ok and it was. I felt so good I went back to work in the afternoon although this was against Chris & Richards advice.