Carolyn's story

After her visit today, I asked Carolyn if she would mind telling the story about how "R.A." has helped her overcome her fear of dental treatment. Here it is, unedited in her own words.

If you are not yet one of our clients, perhaps reading this will give you the courage to make contact with us.

If you are already one of our regulars, perhaps you know someone who we might be able to help in a similar way.

If you are a dentist considering introducing "R.A." to your practice or attending one of my hands-on "R.A." training courses, perhaps Carolyn's story will help you to decide to go ahead.


Please feel free to use this as an example of how Happy Air allows the most nervous of patients have treatment.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a dread of visiting a dentist. Think it probably stems back to a School dentist who may well have had a former existence as a guard in a Nazi concentration camp. Quite clearly remember her taking out a back milk tooth & not letting me close my eyes, barking at me to stop squirming & very little pain killing relief. Had to sit, with my Mother, in an outside office for ages, until the bleeding stopped- she was a horror !.

I have, in the past, vomited over subsequent dentists, as the fear was so great, & have been taken off their books as they had no idea how to treat someone as phobic as I had become.

I did find a brilliant dentist, the husband of a friend of mine, who with the aid of Valium, could actually treat me, but it did mean my Mother ( & then my husband) had to come with me for the treatment as I was incapable of getting myself home afterwards ( & it does make you feel quite ill afterwards)

Moved around a lot after that, & try as I might, couldn't find anyone who could treat me without the need for Valium, & some didn't offer it at all, so for at least 4 years- no dentist.

When I first came to Richard's after moving back to this area, my teeth were awful & my first few visits were made with the help of Valium, a great dentist & especially Chris, his wife !!.

Felt brave enough to go for subsequent work, with Happy Air. Richard fully explained how it calms you down, without the need to be out of it completely, so you can still communicate to a certain extent, but will be much less anxious.

I have now had this a couple of times & can quite honestly say, that it is brilliant. The work can be completed without stress to either party & after, half an hour or so, you can drive home, with no ill effect.

This morning, I was able to have my teeth cleaned without the need for Happy Air- perhaps not such a great deal for some, but for me, was a massive breakthrough, a filling I needed later was done using air, but as I had been through it before & Richard knew the dose I needed, it was relatively plain sailing.

I will never be a ' 6 monthly check-up' person, but this has made such a difference & I would recommend it to any other nervous patients out there & the poor dentists that have to treat them !


Carolyn Fish