Updated  10th July. 2018

Other publications to date by Dr.Richard Charon BDS Dental Practitioner

The following is a list of on-line and printed media articles I have had published since 2001.

2018 currently in draft

Charon R.W; Inhalation sedation and the role of the dental team; Primary Dental Journal, (the journal of  Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK)). Autumn 2018

Charon R W; Managing Dental and Needle Phobia – A Case Report;  The Dentist, Vol 34, issue 7,July 2018 p58-60

Charon C RDN & Charon R BDS Cross-infection control relating to Inhalation sedation equipment;
Dental Nursing Journal; May 2013


A chapter in a book entitled  "Messages from Dental Masters"
"Mastering the Secrets of Successful Dental Practice"
Compiled by Dr Stephen Hudson BDS, MFGDP, DRDP .

"40% of all profits will be split equally between the BDA Benevolent fund and the Dentists Health Support Trust. Both are worthy causes, and vital in today’s economic environment."

Hudson H 2011, Messages from Dental Masters; Mastering the Secrets of Successful Dental Practice: SNH Publications Ltd

Dental Health - magazine of the British Society of Dental Hygienists and Therapists Nov 201:

Charon, R.  Relative Analgesia (InhalationSedation): A successful technique for assisting dentally anxious patients.  A review for Dental Hygienists and Therapists.  Dental Health 2011;  50(5): 

DH&T (Dental Hygienist and Therapist): FMC: Nov 2011

Charon, R: Dental Hygiene & Therapy, Vol 1 No 1 November 2011 p24 The next run on your career ladder?

Dentistry magazine Nov 2011

Charon, R: Dentistry magazine Vol 12 No 23 17 November 2011 p62 The RA Coach

Scottish Dentist: FMC: Summer 2012  Date TBA

Private Dentisty: FMC: January 2012

Autumn 2010

A three-part series for www.dentinaltubules.com. I highly recommend this site which had gathered an astonishing amount of worthwhile articles on all subjects of dental interest in a short time.

My articles published October - December 2012

June 2010

A piece for Apex, the on-line dental magazine

23rd April 2010

A commissioned article for a new on-line dental community www.dentinaltubules.com, entitled

"Relative Analgesia -an underused form of Sedation in General Practice"

December 2009

A short piece,  "Why bother with RA"  for a new on-line dental website

October 2009

I was delighted to have been asked to write a short piece for Dental Angels, dental recruitment agency in London,

In Praise of RA or Inhalation Sedation 

on their innovative website on the subject of the value of "RA" as an added service to a dental practice

2007 Dental nursing magazine.

Richard Charon, Chris Charon, Laura Whitehead, Nicky Smith
Dental Nursing 3(3): 128 - 132 (Apr 2007)

"Husband and wife team, Richard and Christine Charon, their dental hygienist, Nicky Smith, and their senior dental nurse, Laura Whitehead, give their perspective on their long experience using relative analgesia in private practice."

The full article costs £5.00 to download from their website

2004 Article re-published from Private Dentistry in Dentistry broadsheet (FMC publications)

2004 Two-part article commissioned for Private Dentistry magazine (FMC publications) .Details to follow

2004 Smile-on.com 

2001 Smile-on.com Friday 27th April.  "In Praise of RA"