Received Jan 20th 2018

Published with permission

Most of the training we do is for dentists and DCPs in private practice.

From time to time NHS Trusts will invest in training for their teams and on Dec. 2017,  Chloe Brotherhood from the Norwich NHS Trust attended the first day of her training in Newbury.

Two weeks later I travelled to Norwich from the Newbury area (in very wintery weather) to spend 2 days at the community clinic completing her Work-Based Assessments which led to her gaining a certificate of competence.

Today I received this very gratifying testimonial from her originally published on-line on a Facebook page for Dental Therapists and Hygienists.

Earlier in 2017

From the same December course

From a practice owner in Stone, Staffs

"AMAZING This will change the way I do dentistry forever."

If you are encouraged, reassured and perhaps even inspired to take up this training its time to book your place(s).

Please e-mail for full details and to discuss your situation.