Lucy's Story

To begin with, I have never really been scared of the dentist.

I am 32 years old and live a pretty hectic life working for a large IT company in the city. My teeth are fine, no health problems and I have not been traumatised by any dental experience in the past.

However I regularly chocked as a child on food. If I did not have time to eat, I would gulp my dinner down as soon as I could so that I could go and play!!

Back to to the dental situation. All I can think of is those cotton wool thingies that the dentist uses getting stuck in my throat. In my mind, I can visualise myself chocking to death. This is all it took for a perfectly rational person with no problems with drills, needles or dentist to get into a bit of a state!

So I am still not scared of the dentist, but chocking to death on cotton wool!!

One day, I arrived to see my new dentist Richard Charon, for an appointment but as soon as he put a cotton wool ball in my mouth, that was it. Panic set in. I stopped the appointment and explained the story above. I said that I was sorry but I could not go through with this appointment due my issue with cotton wool balls. Richard then explained that he had a gas and air technique , he called “Happy Air” that he would be happy to let me trial and that would make it me feel more relaxed and stop the panic that I was experiencing.

I was not keen on the idea but agreed to trial his idea. It worked very well and then allowed me to complete the 2 hour appointment we had booked.

To explain how the “Happy Air” makes you feel - this may help readers if they are considering trying it to help them during dental appointments. I am a bit of a spa fan and enjoy massages and facials whenever I can. The closest feeling that I can associate it with is when you are having a massage and are deeply relaxed and you are dipping in and out of consciousness even though you are awake!

I hope this story helps others , who worry about choking at the dentist to try this “Happy Air” as it has enabled me to complete some treatment that I would have found very difficult.